Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Crazy for Clippykit!

 We have been long time supporters of Clippykits - we think they are absolutely fab, and a unique way of personalising your belongings to suit your tastes. So when we heard they had a brand new range out, aptly name 'Covergirl', we couldn't wait to get our hands on them! You simply insert the cover of your favourite magazine (or any other item of ephemera cut to the right size) into the handy plastic at the front, and voila!

Of course we had to try it out with the cover of one of our knitting magazines - perfect for any yarn lover or knitter! But you could put anything inside - magazine covers, decorative paper, or how about a piece of gorgeous fabric?

They are available in a tote bag (with pink or black handles), a pencil case, and a make up bag. You can buy your own from our Kingly Court store or online from our web shop!

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